Does the Qurating system leave students no time?(How busy are Drexel students)

I found out about Drexel couple of days and their Co-op programs looks amazing. I thinking about majoring in bio and maybe going to med school. Co-op would look good on resumes IMO?
But then I read and found out that students in Drexel are more stressed out?
Is it beacause of the quartering system? Do you think I would have time to say volunteer at hospital if I go to drexel without affecting my studies? (Yeah I know Drexel is expensive but just thinking about if for now)
Thanks everyone!

I’m at Drexel as a freshman. It is true that the quarter system is more stressful, but it always keeps you busy. Stanford and Northwestern both use the quarter system. You definitely will be very busy but you will also have time on your hands. My friend is doing Psychology on the Pre-Med track and has time to socialize and hang out with friends every day (he is also doing very well in his classes). Co-op is good for resumes, especially if you do some work at a hospital for your med school resume.

My daughter’s best friend goes to Drexel. She likes it but the schedule is hard - she’s never home when her friends are. Of course, as she gets older, it’s not as important because kids are scattering all over the world, anyway.

Wondering if there are “spring break”, “winter break”, “summer vacation” in the quarter schedule? If not, how long the “break” between two quarters?