Does the real SAT test this type of Writing Question?

<p>In many Barrons prep books, the writing section mulitple choice questions (the one in which you have to chose A,B,C,D, E-No error) tests you for word spelling. For instance, Barrons might use "respectively" in a sentence, but the correct word is "respectfully." Your job is to find that error. Does the real SAT really test that? I have never seen that type of question in hte Blue Book or PSAT.</p>

<p>That's not a spelling question, that's a word choice question. Both of those words exist, but they mean very different things -- the question is asking you to choose the best one. There could be questions like this on the SAT, but never a question that would ask you to choose between "respectively" and "respectivly."</p>

<p>Has anyone who has taken the real SAT actually come across this type of question?</p>

<p>The answer key could also mean that that word makes no sense there, and they offer a suggestion to a word that does fit. I've seen a question or two with words that just don't make sense in context.</p>