Does the recommender have to write A LOT? Answer a lot of questions?

I am applying for the Gates Millenium, my counselor is my nominator, but I’m having trouble finding a recommender :frowning:
I asked this like mentor from my school who I’ve been doing some community service hours with (Mentoring elementary kids), but she basically said no because she didn’t know me very well, she told me that she had done it for other students and they had not gotten it, even though they were like top kids and athletic :(. She advised me to ask someone whom I had done community service hours with and knew me very well since freshmen year, like a teacher or so…

I am thinking about asking my journalism teacher(since sophomore year), she is now my english teacher. However, I’ve never done any community service hours with her or any leadership stuff at all :frowning:

But before I email her to ask, I want to make sure she’ll be able to do it on time (deadline is on the 14th, next week). Does she have to know me REALLY WELL?

Yes. No nominator said that it took him a couple hours to answer all their questions.

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