Does the UCLA Scholarship committee look at your UC application too?

For the UCLA prospective student scholarship, there is an essay of 500 words for additional information (extraordinary circumstances, etc.)

I wrote an essay on my family’s extraordinary circumstances on the UC application. Could I use this same essay for the scholarship app? I don’t want to send them the same essay twice if they will also look at my UC application.

Thank you!

Were you already admitted?

Usually, if you are admitted, you complete the “intent to register” and complete the scholarship forms before the deadlines.

The Financial Aid office receives some of the scholarship requests and, yes, they have access to your application. The Alumni office also receives some of the applications and they don’t always have access, because they don’t have anything to do with admissions. It really depends on which scholarship is chosen.

No I haven’t been admitted yet but I got invited to apply for the freshman regents scholarship

Regents goes through the FA office. Change up your original essay to reflect a UCLA slant. If you are OOS and are admitted, and can’t afford the $65K, your Regent’s scholarship chances will be EXTREMELY competitive.
The UC’s admit OOS students because they pay the non-resident fees.

Okay, thank you. I am a California resident. Is this essay supposed to be like a common app essay or more so like an additional information section? I suppose I could go more into detail about our family’s circumstances and how it has affected us financially.

I’m not sure how this year will be reflected in the essays. Everyone has been affected by the Pandemic and families are definitely hurting financially.

I don’t know how the selection will go this year. It will be tough. Please make sure you that you incorporate UCLA into the essay. You may want to go into how you were able to maintain your positivity despite your financial issues, and how you will carry this forward as a Bruin. Good Luck!!

Yes you can they do not have access to the app. They only get the list of applicants recommended forwarded to them.