does the writing sat count?

<p>on my naviance account, Yale reported the 25-75% SAT ranges on the 1600 scale. Does this mean the writing part doesn't count as much. This would be good for me since I got an 800 in M, 730 in CR, and 710 in W.</p>

<p>The writing section is of equal importance.</p>

<p>^^There's no way to know this. Yale's CDS rates standardized test scores as a "very important" factor in admissions decisions, but it doesn't disclose the relative weight given to the Math, CR, and Writing portions of the tests. Writing certainly does count, but how much is uncertain. My guess is that the essay portion of the Writing section may carry relatively little weight.</p>

<p>Ummm. I would show you the link to a survey made by Kaplan, but I cannot seem to find it. It places Yale in the category that "considers writing to be of equal weight"</p>