Does this count as dual enrollment?

Hi, so I’ve been applying to scholarships and many of them ask me to enter my senior year class schedules and label them as honors, AP, regular, IB, or Dual Enrollment. My question is what exactly counts as a dual enrollment class? I’m currently taking an allied health course and at the end of the year, I will be taking a test at a college in my state that will count towards college credit if I get a certain score. Would this count as dual enrollment?

Is the course offered by a college? Or will you be taking something like a CLEP exam?

If the course is a college course, and you are taking it as a HS student…it’s a dual enrollment course. Otherwise. No.

I’m not sure, the paper I was given regarding the standardized exam said that it count for credit towards the Rutgers Health Science Careers Program.

I’d count dual enrollment when you pay a fee for to a local school gifted for the class and will receive a transcript from that school with your college version of your grade. Our HS has that arrangement with we different local schools.

What you describe doesn’t sound like what I would call a DE course. It sounds like a course that prepares you for a credit-earning exam offered by the college that is open to anyone.