Does this effect my chances?

<p>My dad came from Iran while my mom is Austrian/Polish....can I say that I'm from Middle Eastern descent in admissions process...will it improve my chances? about being a second-generation immigrant? Thanks for the advice, I just don't want to be saying things that may mean little and lose credibility</p>

<p>It's one of those toss-up things. I've met a very strong candidate (1500+ SAT, good extracurricular involvement, no problems on the academic front) with a background similar to yours (she was part Assyrian and part German, the same multi-racial "diversity" rationale presents itself) who got into Johns Hopkins and none of the Ivys. </p>

<p>I don't think it makes much of a difference unless you are an actively recruited minority (African American, Hispanic, or Native American, maybe Pacific Islander).</p>