Does this even exist as a minor?

<p>I thought that I have heard of Adolescent Studies as a Minor before, but I could just be totally wrong. If it is a minor, can you tell me if any of the below colleges/universities have it as a choice? Thank you!</p>

Boston College
William and Mary

<p>I googled "adolescent studies minor" and found that quite a few schools have it.</p>

<p>it's soooo difficult for you to go on the websites of the colleges you're interested in and see if they offer that...</p>

<p>at many schools you can "design your own major" so if you want to make it a major/minor, you can!</p>

<p>Definitely see if they offer the option of "design your own major".</p>

<p>Actually, I have heard of that before. I may request to do that. If I want to create that as a minor, do I have to fill out something else on my app or like directly talk to the school?</p>

<p>First you need to see if they even allow you to create your own minor. There's not really a place on your app to fill in "yes, I want to create a minor". Look on the school's website/talke to the school and see if you're allowed to do that and then you'll figure out the details of it once you get accepted/decide to go.</p>

<p>Check out psychology departments, they may well have a developmental stage concentration system where multiple courses on the topic would be offered. An even better thing to do would be to work as a research assistant for a professor studying adolescent whatever. You might be involved in things like designing, conducting and analyzing surveys, interviewing high schoolers, observing groups of adolescents etc. Also, this would be a fabulous independent -study credit or senior thesis.</p>