Does This Happen At Your High School

<p>Alright, so I go to a high school in the middle of suburbia, and a lot of the kids around try to act hood. Do half or more of the kids around you attempt to sound like they're gangster? It seriously annoys the eff out of me when you have wealthy, middle and upper class, suburban teenagers walking around acting like they're the next Tupac.</p>

<p>yeah, well at my old school. in my current school they actually are gangsters and low income lulz. i prefer the latter cuz they keeping it r34l.</p>

<p>Yeah lol, here kids just think they're straight up G's.</p>

<p>Yes. And then you have rich spoiled princesses who 2 years ago were wearing head-to-toe pink Juicy Couture tracksuits that now shop at Urban Outfitters, take pictures with their Nikon cameras and call themselves "photographers", pretend to like music that deviates from the mainstream, and proclaim themselves indie. It's literally the most annoying thing imaginable.</p>

<p>^Ah, true. Indie was very popular at my school. The girls all shopped at thrift stores and Urban. I love Urban too though, so I really can't talk.
In schools where there are kids of varying incomes, it seems to be more important to dress in a way which makes wealth obvious, so gangster was never super cool. (Though there are definite ways to make urban wear ostentatious.)</p>

<p>Wait, they aren't photographers?</p>

<p>mmm, I don't live in a suburb, inner city school so there are some gangsters, everyone knows the hardcore ones are in jail/juvee so it's nothing serious.</p>