Does this increase your chances?

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<p>Anyway I wanted to ask if graduating as a junior looks good on a college application because I found out I'll have taken all the mandatory classes by my junior year and have enough credits to graduate. I'm hoping Heath and Computer Concepts(each is 1 semester, mandatory) is offered in summer school so I won't need to make 'cuts' in my schedule. And which would be the better idea to drop if I had to drop a class, Spanish or Band(to make room for two English classes in one year)? My counselor said if I took English 2 and 3 my sophomore year I could do it. I'll have seven AP classes if all goes well(hopefully it does), but I don't know if that's good because I heard my someone say that he needs 11 Ap classes for something but I don't know what. If I don't make it as a junior how do I apple for college as a sophomore? I really want this because I kind of "lost a year" when I started school late. I'm not that smart but I hope this will increase my chances of getting into a good college (hopefully maybe a UC!) My apologies if it's too many questions in a post!</p>

<p>I think it's a bad idea. You'd be equally prepared for college as you would be if you graduated as a senior (you'd have taken the same classes and done the same activities), and the only true difference is that you'd be younger and presumably less mature.</p>

<p>Plus, senior year of high school is a good time and is your last shot at childhood. You don't want to go to college early when all your friends are back home in high school. I see no need to rush the future, or before you know it you'll be planning for your own funeral.</p>

<p>But if you were to go on to college after junior year, you'd apply during your junior year and not your sophomore year.</p>

<p>"Spanish or band?" - It depends on how long you've been taking Spanish, Colleges prefer four years of a foreign language, so if this is your third year I would recommend taking Spanish instead. Also, colleges prefer a complete four years of high school, to fully prepare for college. My advice is to go on with senior year. Besides, An extra year of high school can only help your chances of getting into a good college! =)</p>

<p>Lots of kids applying for college earn more than minimum credits. I recommend staying in high school of 4 years for the extra maturity and time to decide what you want to do. Consider using the extra time for AP courses.</p>