Does this make me stand out?

<p>So Gustavus Adolphus is my dream school. My current GPA in high school is a 3.1. That's pretty bad, right? But, I have a lot of extracurricular activities. These include: Orchestra, Cross-Country, Nordic Skiing, Tennis, I'm a writing tutor at my high-school, and I received 3 years of high-school credit in Japanese via Concordia Language Villages Japanese Immersion Camp which takes place during the summer for a month. The only thing that would have been omitted from my college application is the thing I made the topic of my college essay - during sophomore year, I dislocated my shoulder in tennis and spent the rest of the season playing left-handed and was winning. The same thing also happened junior year; and the last 1-month Japanese immersion camp I went to, I did the whole thing left-handed (left-handed eating, writing, sports, etc). That's just the plot of the essay; the actual essay I wrote very well.</p>

<p>So with this other stuff on my application, does this make me stand out at all for applying to Gustavus?</p>

<p>I would say so, as long as you show dedication to your EC and demonstrate leadership. Your left-hand experience is great if you present well, and with humble confidence if it makes sense. I think you understand, obviously, it’s annoying to feel as if the essay was saying “I’m awesome and nothing can stop me because I win even with my left hand”, but it’s great to hear something along the lines of defeat can hit you when you least expect it but I didn’t let that discourage me and continued with passion to triumph over a hindrance. My apologies for bad grammar but you get the point. Otherwise you seem like a pretty competitive applicant, best wishes </p>