Does this mean good acceptance chances?

“Thank you for submitting your application to DePauw! We have some exciting news to share with you. You’ve been flagged by your admission counselor during the application review process as someone who has shown outstanding leadership characteristics and a commitment to community service throughout your high school career. We think you may be a potential candidate for the Holton Memorial Scholarship at DePauw. What does this mean for you, exactly? Another chance for potential scholarship money!”

I would assume so, I received that email as well as a similar one earlier on for the Bonner Scholarship. Definitely bittersweet, because at first glance I thought that they were both acceptance emails! I would assume that you’re in, otherwise you would not have been flagged? Can’t wait until December 18th, good luck with everything!

D received similar scholarship emails/info and also just received her acceptance email.

@123Angus Same here, but no acceptance email. Instead, a yellow box came in the mail today.

D did receive an acceptance email and a couple days later a letter and welcome box.

@123Angus I got the acceptance letter in the mail, but no yellow welcome box

@JHUSoccer Just out of curiosity - did you get an email as well or just the letter? I got the invites to the scholarship apps, etc but am on vacation so I am wondering if I definitely get the email or if there might be an acceptance in my mailbox.

@Frazzlemom I got no email, but I did get the mailed acceptance.

Does anyone know the amount typically awarded for a Holton Scholarship?