Does this seem manageable?

<p>This would be my schedule for every school day:</p>

<p>6-7am Workout
7-8am Transition to school
8-3pm School
3-5pm EC's/Tennis
5-8pm Job
8-9pm Rest & Eat
9-11pm Homework/Study</p>

<p>These are the classes I would take
AP US History
AP English Language/Composition
Pre AP Calculus with Trigonometry
Pre AP Biology
AP Chem (or Enviro)
Pre AP Latin III

<p>These would be my EC's
Speech & Debate
Newspaper (Design Editor)</p>

<p>The reason I am trying to do so much in one year is because I want to make up for two bad years now that my life has calmed down. I really want to get into JHU BME or at least geta full ride to state University. So do you think this is possible?</p>

<p>An admissions officer at UF put it to us this way: "We figure you go to school for 7 hours a day, and that you sleep for 7 hours a day. We want to know what you do the other 10 hours every day."</p>

<p>If you can demonstrate that you're doing something productive and extracurricular (i.e. NOT just homework, working out, resting) in those other 10 hours, then you have a solid non-academic portion of your application.</p>

<p>It would be really difficult for you to pull that off for the whole year. I won't say it's completely impossible, just because people on CC have proved me otherwise.</p>

<p>First of all: There is a huge difference between AP Chem and AP Environmental, both in studying time required and workload. If you picked AP Environmental, it would make your workload less, at the expense of sacrificing course rigor (pretty important to AdComs) . If you picked AP Chem, your workload would be higher, but so would your course rigor.</p>

<p>Truthfully, this schedule would be much more manageable if you cut down to workout to... say, about 30 minutes a day (I might be biased here, because I'm really lazy... :D), so that you could scoot your homework time period from 11PM to 12AM. You'd probably have to do this because of two reasons: a) Two hours is simply not enough time to finish all of your homework for all of those AP/Honors classes well; it's one thing to finish all of your homework, but it's another thing to do it all well. b) Reducing your workout time by 30 minutes would enable you only a 30 minute reduction in the amount of sleep you get.</p>

<p>Also, take in mind your current SAT score (I have no idea what yours is, so I wouldn't know what to tell you here). If you need to study for that, you'll need to find time. Time that isn't available in this schedule.</p>

<p>Seems like a fairly standard high school schedule to me..</p>

<p>What about this schedule makes it seem "unmanageable" ?</p>

<p>For me, just the two hours to finish all of the homework. That's pretty much it.</p>

<p>This looks fairly manageable to me. The amount of time you need to devote to home and schoolwork, of course, would depend on both your school, and how you treat your work (like if you 'do' homework, but are on Facebook and watching TV at the same time). If you do tend to multitask while doing homework, you might want a little more time.</p>

<p>Your EC's seem fine, but in my experience, they always suck up more time than you plan, so be careful with that.</p>

<p>The morning workout seems like a good way to start the day (assuming you are able to wake up early. I tried a morning workout routine once, and I could not deal with how early it was [though I had to get up at more like 5]).</p>

<p>The only other thing I noticed is you don't mention eating after school until 8. It would kill me if I couldn't eat sooner than that.</p>

<p>Personally, I think a lot of SAT prep is overrated, assuming you really apply yourself at school, but it seems to be recommended a lot on here, so if you want to, you'll need to find some time.</p>

<p>So, overall, I would say manageable, unless you have some sort of lazy streak, or your school is ridiculously hard. </p>

<p>And on the scholarship thing, I'm not really an expert since I'm only going to be a junior, but I'm pretty sure state schools are grade and SAT oriented for some merit aid, and community service oriented for other merit aid. Though, I'm not really someone you should ask about that.</p>

<p>The only thing that I see that needs to change is what CantConcentrate said. Cut down your workout 30 minutes (so you have some more energy in the day), and make your homework 9-12pm.</p>

<p>Also, I forgot, but think about how much sleep you need to function on a level close to normal. For me, anywhere from 6-8 hours is fine but that can vary greatly from person to person. Also, coffee makes mornings awesome.</p>

<p>Manageable? yes. Will you be going to bed at 11 every night? Or even more than once a school week? Probably not.</p>

<p>If you man up and stop procrastinating (especially after that psychology incident)</p>

<p>I'm still dealing with it and try to time manage. good luck to you</p>

Also, I forgot, but think about how much sleep you need to function on a level close to normal. For me, anywhere from 6-8 hours is fine but that can vary greatly from person to person. Also, coffee makes mornings awesome.


Technically, regardless of how much sleep we can "get by" with, we (teenagers) should be getting 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep per night. I know it's hard to find that much time each night, but it really does make a difference in what you can do in a day with a steady pattern of full-nights' rest.</p>

<p>I would say cut the work out in half and try to quit the job if you can.. I think you will definitely need more time for homework and a good nights sleep. But props to you for working out before school!</p>

<p>I'd definitely NOT quit the job. Colleges understand jobs and take that into account when figuring out what you do for 10 hours a day.</p>

<p>@CantConcentrate I know there is a big difference, but it depends on what my school puts me in. I signed up for Eviro but if they don't put me in it I am going to go to AP Chem :/. </p>

<p>@wittynickname lol yeah I'm going to eat in between. And I'm going to have to do alot of SAT prep..

Lol I have both

Yeah the whole sleep thing is what bugs me. And I hate coffee so I'm probably going to do tea and stay awake pills. </p>

<p>@BlueDevil18 Well my workout is about 30-45min the other time is used to prepare/wake up. And yeah I am probably going to have to extend the homework time</p>

<p>@Izzy Busy Bee What do you mean?</p>

<p>@Yuppie Yeah I learned from that... :/ I'm also still dealing with it.</p>

<p>@SeekingUni Once again making me think this will be to hard...Cause I don't want to fall asleep in the middle of class randomly.

Yeah thanks</p>

<p>@heyyou1234 I need the money though for school stuff, plus doesn't it look good on a college app? And lol its not that good of a think because that is the only time I have to workout.</p>

<p>@ZombieDante What do you mean?</p>

<p>Don't hate on my formating. :P</p>

Manageable? yes. Will you be going to bed at 11 every night? Or even more than once a school week? Probably not.


that last part I don't get what you are trying to say</p>

<p>OP probably won't get to go to bed by 11 more than once a [5-day] school week.</p>

<p>Izzy Busy Bee is speaking strictly from a school that assigns a lot of hmw that would come with the selections of those courses.
It could vary with your school though. At my school it would be unmanageable, unless i take easier courses or cut time from your other things.</p>

<p>Yeah my school is pretty strict. Their idea of a break is 3reports (and some other stuff) over the summer. lol</p>

<p>Are we talking state circuit debate or national, TOC-Harvard-Berkley-Greenhill-St.Marks debate? And what kind of debate?</p>