Does this sound crazy?

<p>Well I took the SAT for the 1st time in January and I got a 1700. I'm very dissapointed as in the PR books, I got a 1940 and a 1960. I think I did so bad because I was unprepared to sit down and take a 5 hour test. When I had done practice tests with the PR book, I would only do one section per day. I think during the actual Test day, this caused me to wear down. Also, for some reason, the time really got to me. I was forced to rush my way through the entire Test, and I left a few blank that I wish I hadn't. So I came up with this idea... </p>

<p>Every Sunday, I will wake up early in the morning like I would on the actual test date. I will then get a practice Test out and take it at the approximate time that the actual Test starts. I will then take the entire Practice test instead of just doing one section, and I will give myself stricter time increments. Like for a 25 min section, I'll give myself 20 min. This way, I can get plenty of practice on the material and improve my SAT speed and endurance. I have a little over 11 weeks till the May SAT, so i will have time to take 11 practice Tests! Does this plan sound extreme? I don't do much on sundays, so I thought that I would actually do something useful for once. My hope is to get my score to the 1950-2050 range by May. Does this sound realistic?</p>

<p>Practice helps a great deal, but you'll also need time to score yourself and then check your answers. Taking tests does no good if you don't understand what you got wrong.</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>That's how I prep, just take straight practice tests. My sitting time is usually shortened because I proceed to the next section as soon as I finish the previous, so it comes out to about 3 hours.</p>

<p>My son does it that way as well. Tries to take it early in the am., goes straight thru w/ a few minutes of break as you'd get on actual test day (I bought a timer for him; even has same snack prepared). He took the Jan test too and scored well - mid 700s, but since he's been scoring much higher than that at home, consistently in the CR, he wants to take the March test. He did say that by sections 9 & 10, he was exhausted b/c his experimental section was CR. He had 2 CR back - to-back as sections 7 & 8, so that by the time he got to sections 9 (math) and 10 (W), he was worn, and of course W was his worst score of the 3. So, given this, for the next couple of weeks he wants to practice w/10 sections (I'll throw an extra one in) to get use to the extra time.</p>