Does time matter?

<p>Let's say one person submitted all their materials for their UMich app on 10/5, and another with similar credentials submitted on 10/20. Would the earlier person have more of an advantage since they turned in materials sooner? I know UMich is EA, and not the case of rolling admissions, but I've heard rumors that it makes a difference. One teacher of mine has my letter written, but has not submitted yet, and will submit by the week of 10/20. I'm really nervous that could make a difference on my application.</p>

<p><em>edit</em> I just read on the UMich tumblr that it is rolling, but still does it have much of a difference if I’m turning in materials at least a week before deadline?</p>

<p>Last year, many of the application submitted right around the deadline were not finished reviewing by the announcement deadline and were delayed by a 2-3 weeks (not real deferral). This may affect the merit aid opportunities. I would suggest to submit the EA application at least a couple weeks before the deadline (i.e. by yesterday), so that you would have a chance to track the application and support materials before the deadline.</p>

<p>@billcsho Yes, that’s what I’m scared of happening! I will for sure have in all in by Oct. 25 by the absolute latest, which is at least a week before deadline. I’m just waiting on my LOR. </p>