Does Tutoring help?

<p>I took the ACT in February, and got a 31 using ONLY the Red ACT prep book... and I'm taking it in June. I'm going to a private tutor a few times before then... does anyone have any successful stories in situations similar to mine></p>

<p>As a tutor myself, I know that it is helpful in improving students' scores. I taught a kid in AP Statistics for several months. Before he came to me, he was at a low D, and in danger of failing the class. He had failed many of the tests, and his grade was fluctuating from D to a low F and back after each test. I tutored him an hour a day, twice a week, for three months. He is now going to graduate with a solid C+ in the class. So tutoring can be very helpful, if you get a good tutor.</p>