does type of research matter?

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I'm looking into research positions and I was wondering whether the type of research one does matters...I'm a Neuroscience major so I've found a position that uses neuroimaging techniques to evaluate bipolar disorders which appeals to me, but there's also another position that I find interesting which involves PCR genotyping to profile histone modifications.....If I do the neuroimaging one, I don't see how I could do a poster on it or write a paper since the aim of hte project is to essentially build a "brain atlas"...but I feel the other project will give me the opportunity to write a science article or do a poster....</p>

<p>what do u guys suggest I get engaged in? Also, how do medical schools judge the research we helped with? I know each school is different but do they care what we do, whether we got publications, or were engaged in multiple projects? i am sincerely interested in research..I just want to know how med schools view it</p>

<p>thanks for the help in advance! appreciate it</p>

<p>Med schools don't generally judge what kind of research you're doing. Although some people say bench research is ever so slightly more valued than other kinds of research, the general consensus is research is research is research is research. The publication versus interest thing....PI's generally don't like it when a someone is in their lab just to get a publication/resume booster. They want people who are interested in what they're doing. That said, as you probably already know, pubs can be pretty big resume boosters. I'd talk to both PI's and try to gather as much info as possible before committing to a lab.</p>