Does UC-Berkeley not have a medical school?

I am looking at the medical school rankings cannot find it:

If it is the case, how is it considered a good school if it doesn’t have a medical school?

Why would you have to have a trade school to be a good university? Princeton does okay without them.

That’s because the area med school is UCSF

Neither does Princeton. Are they not a good university? :roll_eyes:

Well I could rephrase my question. Princeton is an ivy and a top 3. That’s a bit of a difference between them.

Because there’s many jobs and careers people can have and not everyone wants to be a doctor. Being a doctor is not the pinnacle of success.


At the graduate level, there is very little difference between P and UCB. In some subjects UCB>P and others P>UCB. But they are both top tier in almost everything.

Princeton is an ivy and a top 3. That’s a bit of a difference between them.

USNews has Berkeley at #22 and CMU at #26 without a medical school. Is that close enough? Or is CMU not “considered a good school”.

Maybe Rice at #16? How good is good enough to be considered good but not too good to be considered too much a difference from good?

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Some consider UCSF to UC Berkeley’s medical school as it started out being affiliated with UC Berkeley.

In addition, other very highly regarded schools like MIT and Brown University do not have medical schools.

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Note that Brown University includes a medical school (Alpert).

My mistake. I thought that there was another Ivy League school which did not have a medical school. I guess Princeton is the only one with no medical school.

In the sense of “having” a medical school, you might consider Cornell somewhat differently, in that its medical school (Weill) resides in New York City, a distance of over 200 miles from the main campus in Ithaca.

Where did OP go? I’m curious if Princeton, MIT, Caltech, Rice and CMU are not good schools.

Did I waste 6 years at CMU earning engineering and business degrees with the superior Pitt and its medical school just down the road? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct - Cal doesn’t have a medical school. Much of the medical research at Cal is in coordination with UCSF (the only UC that does not have an undergraduate program), and other schools.

The UC system has multiple medical schools and in Northern CA they are UCSF and UC Davis.