Does UCD send out any emails/reg mails?

<p>This is pretty ridiculous considering My friends and I have not received any information in the forms of emails or regular mails from UCD at all. Other UCs and universities I’ve applied to at least sent out brochures and information letters confirming the receival of the application. (Some schools even sent out letters upon receiving of SAT marks).
Right now I am still figuring out how I should log on to UCD’s admission page. I can not even create an account. I’ve never received any information regarding my perspective student ID nor do I have a social security number. (I am out of country.)
I guess I’ll wait for the admission decision from the mail box? :0 That will be a pain in the butt.
I certainly appreciate the effort of other UCs to include login ID and pass in their emails and regular mails ><.</p>

<p>You should have your UC student ID number on your UC application. To log in go here:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Is UC student ID number the same as The UC application ID? Because apparently the 7-digit number does not work for me =(</p>

<p>Is there a way to reset your password? Do you have the paper mailed to you by the UC system listing all the schools you applied to? Your student number is the one in the upper right hand corner. You could also check on the UC main site to make sure you didn't accidentally input some of your information incorrectly. ie. birthdate</p>

<p>The UC application ID number will not work to create your UC Davis Account information. Only the UC Davis Student Identification (SID) number or Social Security Number (SSN) will work to create the account. All applicants received an acknowledgment e-mail message during the month of January. If you did not receive this message then I've noticed the following issues:
* The message was improperly filtered into spam, junk or trash folders and was deleted without being noticed
* The message was sent to an old email account that is no longer being checked, remember you provided the email account in November.</p>

<p>If the message was deleted from your account without record of your SID and you do not have an SSN to create your account please keep a close eye on your email, browse through all spam messages and the like, since the decision will be received by email as well (Add to your white list or allow list to make sure this message isn't improperly filtered if it hasn't already). This decision message will also include your SID so you can create your account. All freshman decision e-mail messages started to be sent Thursday March 13, 2008 and should be sent no later than the early part of next week (Disclaimer: Unless the decision has not yet been made).
I hope this helps you receive the information needed to check your application status.</p>