Does UConn hold tours over their spring break?

I have a friend whose daughter is interested and would like to tour but her availability would be over UConn’s spring break. Do they still do tours? Or is it only self guided?

I think it will depend upon the covid situation. Last year during school there were not in person ones, but there were during summer. You might check with admissions office as they’ll know.

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There is no tour registration currently available on their website. There are self-guided tours available with a university provided brochure and there are some virtual info sessions available.

In the interests of fair warning, it’s a big campus and it’s pretty much a walking campus except for the university bus service. This means that while you can drive around the campus, there are very few places where you can stop, park your car, and get out to walk around an area that interests you. There’s plenty of parking, just not much in the areas where you’d be walking around other than by some of the dorms. On the positive side, there is a hotel on campus.

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it’s currently winter break and as students are the tour guides they will not have any avail. They return at the end of the month but have at least two weeks of virtual learning. I anticipate tours will open up in Feb for scheduling.

Parking is a major issue on campus, there is very little public parking and not enough for students. If you stay at the hotel (which is also a dorm so not fab) there is a parking lot and that alone is worth it.

The campus isn’t huge, it’s easy to walk around everywhere. There are also campus buses that can take you anywhere. It is quite cold in March if that’s when the break is, and it tends to be the month with a lot of snow so prepare ahead of time.

Call the admissions office, they are here and can answer questions about tours in the future. Uconn has been very careful with covid policies and so they may just be waiting until numbers go down here in CT. Good luck

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