Does UConn super scores ACT for admissions AND scholarships?

Just looking ahead for next year and I am wondering if UConn super scores for both admissions as well as for scholarships. I heard a lot of schools take the individual scores from each sitting and recalculate the new composite score. It seems that Miami of Ohio, FSU, and a few others do this. Thanks

Yes, they superscore the ACT and it probably does get a lot of weight. Our daughter has about a 3.7 weighted GPA with a 33 ACT superscore and just got offered $18,500/yr and honors college. We are out of state.

@lexluthor5 Congratulations to you. That is outstanding! What state are you from? What major?

@lexluthor5 Actually I just saw your bio and it seems that you are from LI and Miami U might the one. Congratulations. Just went through the process last year with my current Freshman who ended up at Ohio State. She had applied to Miami as her number one choice. We toured it and LOVED IT… They are very generous with their scholarships. I am now looking to put a list together for my son who is finishing his Junior year.

@got2laugh NY. Speech Pathology. Glad to hear of your nice experience at Miami U. The visit really vaulted it to the top.

Miami does a great job with their tours and programs. Keep in mind that Miami is about an hour away from CVG. Depending where you are flying from, keep in mind that Columbus, Dayton, and Indianapolis are options as well.

@got2laugh We did the trip last weekend. Yes, it’s a PITA. At least we have relatively cheap direct flights to CVG. Our other daughter is a junior at Grinnell College, which is an hour east of Des Moines, so Oxford is a nice improvement as far as the travel is concerned :slight_smile: She’s only had a direct flight once so far.

@got2laugh I spent time looking into this last fall calling many admission offices. Vermont, UMass and URI all superscore the ACT as well. Delaware does not.

@lexluthor5 Thank you!