Does UCSD have some sort of orientation sleepover like ucd

<p>I have received info from UCD & UCSC regarding orientation days etc.. where we spend a couple of nights in the dorm and get all our testing out of the way as well as register for classes etc.. I haven't heard of anything like this for UCSD. Do they offer one as well? And if so does anyone know when? UCD was in the mid to late summer.</p>

<p>each college holds its own separate two-day orientation session to introduce students to the college, the campus, register for classes, etc (no testing done when i attended). they're in june, with another one in september prior to the start of classes. while that one's more convenient because you get to move into your actual dorm, scheduling can be a minor issue because 95% of the student body has already registered for their own classes, leaving you last.*</p>

<p>*not a worry, the administration is able to override enrollment limits if they deem it important enough. i once accidentally dropped myself from a overpacked and over-waitlisted lab, ran to my home department to freak out, and the student coordinator fixed it right up.</p>

<p>yeah each college has orientations separate. warren only has it in september. you can get help with registering for classes and stuff online if you're worried about that.</p>

<p>all other colleges have different orientation times throughout the summer, that you can sign up for. they also have one after move in, before classes start.</p>

<p>warren ONLY has the after move in day and before classes start. i thought it was lame but after experiencing it, i think it was a GREAT idea because ALL the warren freshmen are doing it together. yeah you have your orientation groups and events but there's big events for everybody. orientation is a blast. =] also, look forward to UnOlympics. (competition between all 6 colleges during welcome week.)</p>