Does UIUC require letters of reccomendation?

<p>I was looking on the website and I didn't see anything regarding letters of rec. Are they not required? I thought that all schools required at least two</p>

<p>You're actually mistaken. Most colleges require none. Only GPA, transcripts and test scores.</p>

<p>Keep in mind, if a school states LOR's are 'optional' they are never truly 'optional'.</p>

<p>No UIUC does not require reccomendations, I remember reading once that if you send them extra material there is a high chance that they will not even review it. Nonetheless University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign is excellent in spotting outstanding students.</p>

Keep in mind, if a school states LOR's are 'optional' they are never truly 'optional'.


<p>No, actually they are truly optional, but it is still a good idea to send them.</p>

<p>University of Illinois, like most colleges, does not require any recommendations to my knowledge.</p>

<p>blueiguana: what's the basis for your info? Most colleges take an applicant's metrics, see if they meet minimal requirements and decide accordingly. The marginal ones may be offered admission if space permits and upside potential is there. LORs have little to do with most college admissions. Those that want to read them, ask for them. Those that don't want to read them, don't ask for them.</p>

<p>Fair enough question. At the VTech engineering open house we were told this during the information session regarding admissions. I was surprised as they are well known for being interested in stats primarily. I spoke with 3 other friends who visited various schools over break who offered the same. I do not know the names off hand. I took away, if mentioned send them. The worst that can happen is the circular file. I wouldn't stake my admissions package on it, but more than likely you already have the LOR's for other schools.
I hope I answered your question.</p>

<p>NOTE: Perhaps the information I was given was directed specifically to the engineering students. I haven't attended a general admissions information at VT so I do not know. Perhaps it was simply the opinion of the person that gave the speech that day.</p>

<p>Hmmm... interesting. Your advice should be followed then. It seems schools can't make up their minds. Too bad. It's confusing to the students. </p>

<p>My alma mater requires LORs so it never even occurred to me that schools that don't ask for them might give an advantage to those who submit them. Rather foolish I think.</p>

<p>Based on the 4/4 I honestly thought this was a universal sentiment. I was wrong. If this comes up again, I'll be sure to state the school I heard the advise at, and not state it as canon.</p>

<p>UIUC does not require rec letters. If you send them they will be removed from the file before anyone who makes decisions concerning admission sees the file. In other words, it is pointless to send rec letters to UIUC.</p>