Does UMD College Park accept letters of recommendation after the app is submitted?


I’m a senior looking forward to apply to UMD College Park. This is my only school that doesn’t use Common App but requires a letter of recommendation. While the common app lets me submit the application and still lets my recommenders submit afterwards, I could not find any information on UMD’s application. Earlier this week I have sent their admissions office an email, but I haven’t received a reply yet. Please let me know if I can submit my application first, or if I should wait until all letters are in. Thank you!

@shiftdev - The order in which UMD receives application material is not important, as long as everything is received. The following link provides information about submitting application documents, including LORs

You should also use UMD’s Document Tracker to verify that all required documents were received…

I strongly encourage you to have all application material submitted by the Priority Deadline (Nov 1) for the reasons spelled out by @maryversity in the following thread.

Good Luck