Does UMd even bother with SAT IIs.....??

<p>From the various material, it seems that the SAT IIs are not really germane
to the admission process at UMd.... If so, I was wondering if they come into play elsewhere ( Honors Program, etc.. ?? ). Thanks. MBJ</p>

<p>D took 3 SAT IIs, because she was required to for some of her other college apps. Since she got really high scores on Math II and Physics, she listed them on the list of accomplishments/resume that UMd wanted sent with the app. I don't know if that had anything to do with her acceptance into the Honors Program and Gemstone; She had SAT and GPA #'s that probably would have done it anyway.</p>

<p>Thanks. Congrats on the acceptance and Honors Program. It seems that high scores on the SAT IIs are a nice way to further distinguish oneself. My son is taking 2 SAT IIs in June. He has decent stats, 4.6(w) GPA, 15 of 575, 1430/2140 on the SAT I. Pretty good ECs. Hopefully, UMd will treat him well, too... Thanks. Best of luck.</p>

<p>That's your definition of "decent"? :P.</p>

<p>UMD was really random with money this year, so I wouldn't expect a lot of cash. They already know they're cheaper than all of the other schools you're considering. Hah.</p>

<p>That's okay. I am not worried about the tuition costs ......mainly just helping him find the best school for him. Some of the other state univ. have nice business programs but rather tough to get into..e.g. UVa, UMIchigan, just like the private ones ( e.g. G-Town, Cornell ). Probably figure it out by the summer. Thanks.</p>

<p>They should excuse students who took the SAT II Math from the MPE.</p>

<p>a77899 yeah they should i called to see if i could get excused and they said no even though i got 700+ on Math level 2 and 5 on calculus bc</p>