does umich accept rushed delivery SAT scores

<p>I have finished my application but, like an idiot, i just sent my sat scores so they won't be there for 3-5 weeks. Does Michigan accept rushed SAT scores? Because I don't want to wait a month for my application to be complete.</p>

<p>No...they do NOT accept them. See below for the following from their site:

We do not accept rush scores, but the testing agency does eventually send us your scores even if you requested to have them rushed. It usually takes a few extra weeks.


<p>alright thanks</p>

<p>how long does it take the collegeboard to send your test scores once you put in the request?</p>

<p>the website said 3-5 weeks. but maybe its sooner because it gets a lot fewer requests now than right before the early and regular deadlines.</p>

<p>then if a deadline is november 1 shouldnt i send my scores NOW</p>