Does Umich Ann Arbor Accepts Freshman Transfer Students?

I am currently a freshman in the UC system, but I am considering transferring to Umich next year. I understand that people typically wait until their sophomore year in college when they have 30 credits, but I have also heard that I can apply as a college freshman (and enter the school 2021 fall) with my SAT (and TOEFL as an international student) without 30 transferable credits. I couldn’t find information about this part on the website so I thought it’s better to ask.

Also, If I can apply as a freshman, is it recommended or is it a popular choice to make? And will it affect the chance of acceptance by any means?

Here is the transfer information. Closely read this page and the related links. Do a virtual transfer spotlight session, and contact a transfer AO.

You should check whether Michigan will give course equivalency for the courses you took or force you to repeat them if needed for major or other requirements. There is a transfer credit database that can help you find that out.