Does UMich look at weighted or unweighted GPA?

Does uMich look at weighted or unweighted GPA?

As with most schools, they will look at your grades and the courses in which you earned them, evaluating the rigor of your courseload.

Because “weighted GPA” can be calculated so many ways (my D will graduate with a 5.5+), the actual number on your transcript won’t really be important.

But whether they actually recalculate it or just evaluate grades and rigor separately, they effectively value what a weighted GPA is intended to measure.

Fwiw, they may even recalculate your unweighted GPA including just core classes. (A’s in phys ed don’t carry much weight in admissions).

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When we had our in person visit (which admittedly was 2 years ago), they told us very specifically they take out all +/- and unweight everything. So if someone has all A’s and A- then it actually will appear as if they have all A’s. They also recalculate your GPA using different “weights” (may not be the right word) for academic courses vs non-academic such as fine arts as well as to account for rigor, etc. This was in the main general info session. I think I have my notes from the session if you want more specifics about what they said feel free to pm me.

They only look at unweighted scores. So A=4,B=3 and so on. BUT… Don’t confuse this with them not looking for rigor. That’s important. So the most APs doesn’t win but… You should be taking the most rigorous classes you can and still getting good grades in them. You should be challenging yourself. They will look at your school report and compare that to what your taking and what others at your school are taking as well.


They only reweight core classes.

I read my admissions file and they only noted my uw gpa

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