Does University of michigan consider legacy for international students

Does University of michigan consider legacy for international students.

Here’s what Michigan says about legacy status:

“Is being a legacy applicant a factor in U-M’s holistic review process?
Legacy status is not a preference in the admissions process but does serve as context - outside of the admissions review - in understanding a student’s interest. Most importantly, it helps us calculate the likelihood of enrollment. Information about a student’s status as a legacy can also be used to acknowledge their relationship to U-M in communications with families during both the application process and when it renders their admissions decisions.”

Translation: “yes it does, but we are unwilling to simply come out and say so”.


If you look at Section C7 of the University of Michigan’s Common Data Set, “Alumni/ae relation” is “considered” in the admission process but it is not listed as either an “important” or “very important” consideration.

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The last 3 years many legacy students applying were rejected. Don’t count on legacy. Even siblings with similar stats were rejected. It might be looked at but you need to have a solid application and some luck… Good Luck.