does unofficial transcript load = acceptance?

<p>yes or no?? im confused</p>

<p>The general consensus is that if your unofficial transcript loads and you see your student number, then you are most likely admitted (why else would you have a student number?).</p>

<p>oh yay, it loaded and i do have a student number.. so should i keep my hopes up now?</p>

<p>Every student at the UW can view their grades and transcript via their MyUW account. The admissions board assigns every admitted student a student number and essentially a profile in the event that the student decides to matriculate. Students not offered admission do not have this opportunity as there is no obvious need to give any number to a denied student.</p>

<p>so should i take that as a yes?</p>

<p>Yes. I've been told of accounts of waitlisting, but that is extremely rare. UW wastes no time telling you whether you're in or not.</p>

<p>IT WORKS</p>

<p>i just got in, transcript first uploaded 18th.. but the congratualtions message loaded today! =D</p>

<p>so happy to be a husky!</p>

<p>It Did For Me</p>

<p>Same boat as you titan. I got the congratulations, but still no packet</p>