Does USC admit by major?

<p>Does USC admit by major or college? For example, are some colleges or majors within USC more competitive than others? Are their any statistics on admission rates by college/major?</p>


<p>Yes, they do. I think you can find a lot of them on each school's respective website, but some aren't public. For example, I think the School of Cinematic Arts is the most selective school within USC (acceptance rate unknown, but people have cited it as less than 5%). The Production major takes about 50 people while the Critical Studies major takes about 75.</p>

<p>However, even if your intended major/school accept you, the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences must also accept you and every degree is given "in conjunction with" them. You can make some assumptions about competitiveness (it's easier to get into the English program within Dornsife than it is to get into the Animation program within SCA) because all of the professional schools are more competitive than Dornsife. As far as exact numbers though, I don't think most of them are public; if they are, they're most likely on the website.</p>