Does USC have a gym?

<p>does usc have a free gym for students?</p>

<p>what other freebies do students have...?</p>

anything else?</p>

<p>Gym, Swimming pool, intramural field, track, libraries, theater, new campus center, ....</p>

<p>freeee??? :D</p>

<p>USC</a> Recreational Sports Home Page</p>

<p>All undergrad/graduate students get access to the gym.</p>

<p>Well, it's only "free" in that is included in the low, low price of $56,000/year...</p>

<p>what a steal haha!</p>

<p>Oh, Fisher Gallery, and free pass to the Natural History Museum.</p>

<p>Though they may cancel the free admission to the Natural history museum deal...</p>

<p>Lots of housing complexes also have their own mini-gyms. I know University Gateway has a nice new big one too.</p>

<p>For students who stick around LA, the gym is only $20 for the whole summer. That is a great deal - perhaps even a steal.</p>

<p>yeah. the gym is pretty decent sized as well. ive never really had much of a problem getting the weights/benches i need even at peak hours. theres also indoor basketball courts on the 2nd level</p>

<p>the library is big but it does get full during exam periods</p>

<p>You speak of "the library" like there's only one. There's a ton of libraries on campus, and assuming you don't go to Leavey like everyone else does during midterm season and finals week, there is always plenty of room.</p>