Does USC only look at your "transferable" gpa?

<p>Do they only look at your "transferable" gpa from the classes you took that transfer like the UC's?</p>

<p>No idea! But I believe they look at everything?</p>

<p>They also don't accept Academic Renewal nor do they allow you to void a failed grade for a better grade (If you get an "F" and retake that same class to get an "A", they will use both grades. When usually the "A" becomes the new grade and "F" no longer counts)</p>

<p>This isn't really relevant, but in hindsight I wish I would have applied to USC. The transfer agreements with CCCs are almost as streamlined as with UCs, and the actual cost is comparable to a UC for a lot of students (probably me included).</p>

<p>Hey lawlking!</p>

<p>Well, a F count for USC but how about a withdraw (W)?</p>

<p>Does that count as an F for USC?</p>

<p>Withdraw will be a withdraw</p>

<p>@nick the deadline to apply is February 1st or 2nd. So you can still apply! Can't remember which exactly and too lazy to look it up haha</p>