Does USC require you to send in transcript?

<p>yeah, does USC require you to send in any transcript by now? Some of my friends are not asked but some of us are asked to send in the unofficial transcript. What does that mean? By the way, when does USC USUALLY annouce admission status?</p>

<p>No, transcripts arent necessary right now, but the sooner you send them the sooner you'll get a decision. Last year transfer decisions started late april (very very few) all the way until July, with most around June 1</p>

<p>um, the usc booklet that i got required transcripts, one from highschool and the other one from college. I'm not sure when its due, i'm turning mine in asap</p>

<p>Oh really? How comes they sent multiple emails and regular mails asking for my unofficial transcript (college transcript only) right after i submitted the application. They said something like: "...getting started on the review process quickly.."
Some of my friends are asked but some aren't. Thus, is this a bad news or something? Kind of confusing to me.</p>

<p>well i did part one and they sent me a paper app with the two transcript request forms. I'm pretty sure you have to send them in sooner or later, guess its better to do it sooner.</p>

<p>Have you sent in both transcripts yet?
Oh, assuming we turn in everything ontime, when will USC let us know if we are admitted or not? (I heard mixed answers...)</p>

<p>depends on how strong your application is i guess. My friend didn't hear until june but that was because he applied after freshman year as a sophmore. I think they should have our decisions ready sooner since we're applying as juniors, i'm not sure though.</p>

<p>Yeah... i'm not sure either... anyone who has a clear idea on this?</p>

<p>oh yeah and he had a 3.9 at university washington, seattle.</p>

<p>Wow... that is very nice GPA! Did he get in? By the way, what is your GPA if you don't mind telling me? And is USC your first or second choce school?</p>

<p>Hey guys...about the transcript whatnot...
I got the same app. as Hobofromdowntown, I honestly had no idea they needed official transcripts until i was shifting through papers and found it...way to be organized right?</p>

<p>usc sent me a letter requesting the transcripts for both college and high school...check your mail boxes...they usually will send you a letter stating what you need to send in (according to them)...what confused me was that my letter from usc said it was my final notice...i was wondering when i got a first notice.</p>

<p>Yeah... that also happens to me and i think they sent it once via email. When i checked my email, i saw another one requesting for transcript (the college transcript only); they did not require my highschool transcript though. What major are you ?</p>

<p>business major</p>

<p>I c... does anyone know when they will send out acceptance letter?</p>

<p>nope... not really sure when they go out. I'm sending out my official transcripts tommorrow and my application online hopefully by monday. Been too busy lately =/</p>

<p>I'm afraid that they send out the admission status around June and you know that UC requires us to send the IRS (Intent to Register Statement) by June 1.</p>

<p>oh, that is just fantastic...
With the IRS do you send in a deposit also?</p>

<p>no, you don't send a deposit. w00t i sent in my transcripts already.</p>

<p>Last year I got my decision May 20th i believe. My friend though, didnt hear until the second week of July.</p>