does USC want the ENTIRE tax return sent?

<p>or is it just the first two pages???</p>

<p>also, how would i go about faxing it?</p>

<p>We faxed the first two pages and the additional schedules we had to complete. We went to the local UPS store to fax the documents. It took about 15 mins as the fax number at USC was busy. I would suggest being prepared to wait a while. If you go to the financial section and create a user name you can print out a cover sheet for the documents and indicate you would like email confirmation when the documents are received.</p>

<p>Do you happen to have the number? I have the custodial form and non-student filing document, along with the first two pages of the 2007 tax return. that's all my page says i need... but i need to send it to a number. thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Faxing instructions:
USC</a> Financial Aid - Applying & Receiving Financial Aid - Undergraduate - New Students</p>

<p>If you are unable to log into My Financial & Documents to use the Document Management System, you may fax documents to (213) 740-0680.</p>

<p>"We faxed the first two pages and the additional schedules we had to complete."</p>

<p>what are the schedules you need to fax?</p>

<p>if usc has requested the tax returns from me and also parent w2 forms is that a sign i will be admitted? or do they ask that of everyone</p>

<p>EVERYONE has to send 1040, schedules A through D, and W-2s. This is standard procedure, don't read anything into it. It is not necessary to send worksheets, charitable donation forms, AMT-related stuff, or any other crap. We just put them in the mail.</p>

<p>Not everyone has to send 1040, etc. Only those who are applying for a financial aid package.</p>

<p>okay i still have no idea what "schedules" are. please clarify</p>

<p>Agree with cc411, if you don't want FA you don't need to supply forms. However, while omitting the CSS Profile apps if you do not need money is reasonable, skipping the FAFSA is probably not a good idea, since you need it to get federal loans, even if you do not get aid.</p>

<p>"Schedules" are the various attachments that the IRS, in its wonderful wisdom, has come up with to allow its victims.... er, customers, to describe things like itemized deductions, interest income, capital gains, etc
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<p>More detailed info is available at the usual place: 1040</a> Central</p>

<p>so since we didnt file any of those "schedules", we just need to fax in the first two pages and the w2s? if so, what are the first two pages? we had an accountant file our income tax returns and they had placed some pages in it. since USC wanted to know what our income was i suppose its the pages with numbers 1 through 47 on the 1040A which ends with the returners' signature?</p>

<p>tr1p7s: Yes it's the first two pages which show numbers 1 to 77 (on 1040) or in your case 1 to 47 (if that's what it is on 1040A), ending with signature which are necessary.
Schedues are designated with a letter on the tax return page, at the top left hand corner. (Schedule D..etc). Not everybody needs to file schedules so if you don't have any, then that's fine. And yes, the W2s.
Don't forget to sign the pages (or at least sign again in the signature space), and for safety, best to also write your USC ID# on the top of the pages somewhere.
Fax those with the cover and back pages (with the bar code type things) that are provided on the website under faxing instructions.</p>

<p>Yes, 1040A is the main form, if your parents did not file schedules you only send the 1040A and the W-2s. It is none of my business, but if your parents did not have to file ANY schedules then your family is probably of modest means, and can save some dough next year by not paying an "accountant" to do the taxes. TurboTax or TaxCut is only $20-$30 and does the job, if the return is simple (salary and minimal interest income) both the IRS, Quicken, and H&R Block offer free online tools for doing your taxes.</p>

<p>well we only pay the accountant appx $20 to do it and my parents arent too learned in the english language so yea..
but thanks for the information on what to send. thank you again</p>

<p>how long does it take for you to receive an email acknowledging receipt of documents? I faxed in some stuff wayyy back and haven't received any email... should I call and ask them or something?</p>

<p>I had an email confirmation for my financial documents when I returned from faxing them. You might want to give them a call.</p>

<p>^Me too. Faxed tax returns on a Sunday morning a week ago and received a confirmation email instantly. I used the new customized cover sheets you can generate on the OASIS site.</p>

<p>The OASIS document status page, however, still says I need to send in these tax returns, so there is a discrepancy. I emailed about this and got back an answer to not worry, the status page is very slow to be updated.</p>

<p>The OP seems to be a student unfamiliar with tax forms. 1040A and 1040EZ are short forms for people with simple financial situations. There still may be some add-on forms for claiming various credits and such. The 1040 and Schedules A-Z are for more complex situations. So you may not have anything but the two pages of the 1040A.</p>

<p>My assumption is that the FA office wants to see the entire return and decide for themselves what is important.</p>

<p>^ Regarding notification of receipt and status on OASIS.
I had faxed my stuff in mid Feb and never received email confirmation, nor did the status of document receipt show up until Feb 27 (2 weeks). I called and also visited the finaid office at USC Explore.
Since the systerm is new this year, I was told that there had been a glitch and they needed to go through the stuff by hand,.. a lot of documents to go through.
If you have some verification that your docs were transmitted, the material is there, and not to worry. Mine eventually showed up on status.
The system may be smoothed out by now, but if not, it's not cause for concern.</p>

<p>oops...I didn't send in schedule A (only schedule my parents needed to file). I faxed the first 2 pages of the 1040 and W-2s. Should I fax schedule A to USC or wait for them to let me know what to do?</p>