Does UW Madison EA and Senior Grades?


During the first quarter of my school’s marking period, I fell ill and missed 2-3 weeks of school. As such, some of my first quarter grades were logged as “incomplete,” so my school didn’t send my grades to UW Madison. What I’m wondering is that will UW Madison still be able to make a decision regardless of whether or not they received my grades? They haven’t mentioned anything to me or my counselor. Do they even require senior grades in the first place?

They do require mid-year senior grades. EA applicants who were not rejected will need to self report those on the portal once you get the prompt to do so. You should speak to your GC ASAP about making up that work during the Winter Break so that you’ll have something to report by early Jan/Feb. when they request them.

You are in a tough spot @CosmicStorm being sick during the beginning of senior year. Your test scores are outstanding and your grades are good. I would imagine they will not make a decision on your application until you have some grades in for senior year, so finish up the missing work during break like @JBStillFlying suggested. Good Luck!

Assuming I will be able to make up the work, which I will, will they still be able to make a decision for me later this month? On my application it says that they have “received everything they need to make a decision,” so I assume I’m ok? My first semester doesn’t end until late January.

The best answer to this (and other) questions is to ask UW admissions. Many Wisconsin HS’s end their semester in January and won’t give out those grades until then.

@CosmicStorm, most applying EA send grades through end of junior year, and receive their decision based on that. Not sure how first term of senior year affects that. Is your quarter an “official marking period” so that quarter grades show up on the transcript? And did you apply so late in the EA cycle that your senior grades would have shown up for EA? Those using the CA didn’t even need to send transcripts this year - everything was self-reported. Unless your counselor volunteered a Head’s-Up to them (not likely) I can’t see how your first term senior performance would impact your EA decision.

The “incomplete” implies that the work needs to be made up. So make up the work in order to change those marks from “incomplete” to a letter grade as quickly as possible. Double check with your counselor as to what will show up on your final transcript that goes to UW (assuming that you are accepted); what you want to avoid is any rescinding of an “accept” due to very poor grades or missing work. For the interim, you self-report and if you can make the work up in time you should be able to self report letter grades. Where is my logic incorrect here? UW probably won’t send the e-mail out till after the first of the year so you should have time - and you can employ your counselor’s assistance in talking to UW admissions if you need a bit of extra time for those grades to come through.

The only remaining issue is whether you missed too much school to graduate. That’s something your counselor can advise on.

Good luck to you!

anyone know anything about it coming back