Does Virginia Tech superscore the ACT and SAT?

<p>For example, lets say that I did really good on the Math and Writing portions of the ACT but I did poorly on the Reading section. If I had a high SAT Reading score would VT mix and match to use the SAT reading score instead of the ACT reading score? Maybe VT just looks at the average from all of the sections of the ACT test?</p>

<p>They superscore, and will convert single sections of the ACT or SAT to give you the highest possible score. It's a win-win because they look good and you look good.</p>

<p>Virginia Tech will not superscore your writing sections though, VT2015, a major drawback of their admission's process that's brought them some unwanted critical attention since the late 90's. Let's just hope I GET off the WAITing list soon lets GOOOOOO</p>


Could you please clarify?</p>

<p>Virginia tech only looks at SAT math and reading and ACT math and english. They will superscore these scores only, and they won't look at your other scores. Also, they do mix and match scores. So if you did well on SAT math and ACT english, then they'd convert those scores to use together.</p>