does when you applied determine when you get in?

<p>I applied for the regular one one(jan 10)
and i was wondering if that is the reason i have not herd back yet from USC?</p>

<p>i think it depends on your stats (the very good stats will hear back sooner) then it's up to your major (just because you meet the campus' requirements doesnt mean that you meet the specific schools requirements)</p>

<p>o darn haha
i was hoping that was why i havent herd back yet</p>

<p>But so far, I don<code>t know anyone who applied Jan. 10 that got any reply at all. There are still some Dec. 10 people who haven</code>t gotten it yet, either. A lot of them just got mail saying they`re not eligible for scholarships :)

Just keep waiting. :)

And I`m waiting, too. I applied Jan 10 :) And the wait is slowly killing me from the inside out, haha. Good luck!</p>

<p>haha yea good luck to you too
i rush home everyday just to check the mail haha</p>

<p>there's actually been quite a few people who applied jan 10 that got in already. ..actually if i think about it, i think someone said that they applied jan 10 and was up for a pres or trustee scholarship, but that would make no sense at all...idk i'm probably mistaken....but i don;t think it depends on when you applied for your acceptance.</p>

<p>Nope, I applied for the 1/10 deadline and got my letter 3/3, dated 2/28.</p>

<p>Applied 9/22 and still haven't heard...with above their middle-50% stats!</p>