Does WMU admit to univeristy before admitting to musical theatre major

So I just got an email today saying I was admitted to Western Michigan University. However, I only had my musical theatre audition a week and a half ago, so I was wondering if it just meant I was accepted to the university and have to wait to hear about my musical theatre decision (That’s what my dad thinks) or if I’m just in. I’m supposed to get information within a week but I’m freaking out and wanted to see if anyone would have an idea. I was thinking of emailing but I figured I’d wait until the information came in the mail. However, I need to be able to sleep tonight so I needed to do something. Thanks

Hi @Broadwaybaby713 - You were accepted to the university based on your academics. Congrats! But the wait continues for the BFA program. My S applied to WMU for BFA acting. He was accepted to the university last Dec. He keeps getting the “Welcome Bronco” emails and the push to send a housing deposit. But the Theatre dept. will not be sending the word on the BFA programs till sometime in March. So – we wait. Best of luck!

Thanks you