Does your college have a direct connect hub?

<p>At my college (Oberlin College) some enterprising students have created a direct connect hub so that students on the college network can share files at the speed of the college network (around a megabyte per second). Using programs like DC++, many students engage in super fast file sharing on the campus network.</p>

<p>Does your college or do other colleges in general also have a direct connect hub for students to share files on the college network? I am just wondering out of curiosity.</p>

<p>Cornell has it, both for super fast sharing, and to get around the 5gB/month outgoing bandwidth limit.</p>

<p>As does Berkeley.</p>

<p>as does University at Buffalo.</p>

<p>and we get much much fater than close to a megabyte per second, closer to 8 MB/s</p>

<p>Hell yes! I'm at UConn and we have a hub.</p>

<p>I have a friend at UMaine and they've got one up there too.</p>

<p>I love DC++.</p>