Does your GC read CC?

<p>Does anyone know if their GC reads CC?</p>

<p>I wish they did, but my gut tells me no. My S's GC kind of rolled her eyes at me when I asked her about CC. I would hope that if a high school has a designated college advisor that they would find the time to read CC.</p>

<p>I hope so as I'm always singing her praises on here!</p>

<p>uhhhhh no. I told our guidance staff about CC two years ago and I was told "you know you have to be really careful about what your read on message boards online." and "Of course! It is on the list of recommended websites I give to all the senior parents." I teach in the same high school and last year was a SR parent but I never saw that list of "recommended websites."</p>

<p>The GCs I work with HATE CC. Their feeling is that there is a lot of misinformation (somewhat true) and that parents put way too much info about their kids on this site (also somewhat true). But I find that after you have been on here a while, you have a sense of who knows what they are talking about and who has no clue. I also find the comments in the college-specific forums to be extremely helpful - but they certainly would not agree with me.</p>

"Of course! It is on the list of recommended websites I give to all the senior parents."

And of course by that time it's a little too late.</p>

<p>I found CC through D's school. Their college advising webpage has a list of recommended sites and cc is one of them</p>

<p>I would think that most GCs are way too busy to read CC while at work. How many people really want to go home and spend their free time thinking and hearing about the same issues that they deal with all day on the job? </p>

<p>For parents, it's different--it is a personally useful and sometimes captivating way of spending free time.</p>

<p>I asked a GC at the local public high school whether he knew about CC. He had never heard of it.</p>

<p>Student here-</p>

<p>A few months ago my GC suggested a certain college for me to apply to. I said I thought it wasn't a good fit for me and gave a few reasons why. She asked me where I got the information from and I said CC. She immediatley went into a 10 minute rant about how I should NEVER EVER EVER use CC and that it was the worst possible thing to look at for college information and that anyone could post anything and that I should never ever go on it again.</p>

<p>Personally, CC helped me learn a lot about colleges. So I'm hesitant to take her advice.</p>

<p>CTTC: Indeed! ;)</p>

<p>If I were a GC I would consider it negligent NOT to read CC at least at some level of intensity. It is simply a tremendous resource and offers real life experiences. You have to weed through some bs, but that's true everywhere. I think it would allow GCs to do a much more customized list with a student and give the GC a resource to ask specific questions. I do realize that many GCs are totally overloaded and don't have the time.</p>

<p>Our GC had never heard of Naviance when I asked her about it, so doubtful that she reads CC. Our GT consultants have a handout they give to the juniors that a parent put together (her D was a NMF & one of the only Ivy attendees that I know from the area) and CC is mentioned in the handout. But that's from a fellow parent...</p>

<p>Our college counselor has several links on their department's website to help families in the college search. CC is one of them.</p>

<p>When I requested a transcript and profile from the high school my daughter attended for ninth grade, I was told by the guidance person (not a counselor) that the school had its profile online and college counselors would look it up if they were interested. I about fell over. Same school as the counselor who never heard of CC.</p>

<p>I hope not - it would be so embarrassing if she knew who I was!</p>

<p>Yes, our GC's read it and the Admissions counselors read it as well.</p>

<p>Be careful what you post, they frequently can identify a student or parent by their posts. Don't ask me to explain how I know that but I do. It's happened.</p>

<p>While for the most part I read and post as a parent, as a counselor being on CC helps me to keep in touch regarding parent concerns.</p>

<p>CC on the list of resources that I give to my students and I have also referred and discussed some of the threads with my students (some are great conversation starters). I always tell them to stay away from the chances threads :) .</p>

<p>It also helps to give me a snapshot of the application process outside of my school. There are things that I have picked up from others while on CC (the affordability story from Calreader and the great FA advice from Kelsmom and Nikki) so it is an excellent resource. I do book mark a lot of information, changes in FA processes, testing, admissions etc. While I may not be able to hold everything in my head it is great to know how to access information when needed.</p>

<p>They do not know my CC persona, and really have not come across any of my students.</p>

<p>hahahaha...umm, that would be a "no" for us!!! They DID send out a letter wanting us to list all the scholarships that our kids were offered so they could take credit. We declined that request.</p>

<p>This is such a small portion of the marketplace though and it doesn't really capture the average student's experiences. I can imagine more independent counselor's checking this site out - because they are only charged with college.</p>

<p>Guidance counselors are doing SO many things in the school with paperwork, meeting with students, organizing college fairs, FAFSA-stuff, etc - I can't imagine it's a top priority.</p>