Does your high school record follow you as a transfer?

<p>Lets just say I did horrible as a high school student, wishing to redeem myself in college and transfer to the college of my preference that did not wish to admit me earlier....</p>

<p>How important are your high school SAT's and GPA by then?</p>

<p>It probably depends on the college, but I believe most colleges will just look at your previous college GPA. I went to a community college and then transfered to a CSU, and they just wanted my college transcripts. I never even took the SAT's.</p>

<p>I've heard the same, and know many people who saved money and got good grades in community colleges, then transfered into a 4 year college and got the same degree. I am fairly certain they only looked at the college grades.</p>

<p>NYU still wanted my HS transcript and said that they will look at your HS record if you transfer.</p>

<p>It depends on the schools and how many credits you have. Some schools still want all of you HS information, but place less emphasis on it as opposed to your college records depending on how many credits you have.
I'm looking to apply to Yale and UPenn as my reaches and I'm fairly certain Yale wants everything but they allow you to retake the standardized tests in college.</p>