Does your school control which awards you receive?

<p>My school has a nice annual awards ceremony where IB Diploma students receive recognition and department, community service, and club awards are given to outstanding students. However, due to our small enrollment and my school's desire to "spread the wealth," each teacher is supposed to submit a list of students (I think the number is 3) that are deserving of the award. Using that list the administrators/awards committee determines which person gets what award, and each person is limited to only 1 award. I think this rule is waived for seniors, but otherwise people usually only receive 1 or 2 awards (1 department award and one community service/club award) at most.</p>

<p>I was just wondering if any other schools have similar policies.</p>

<p>that happened my 8th grade year. I racked up 9 awards, but they didn't give me the math award because I already received a lot. They also didn't want to give me the principal's award, even though I had the highest gpa of them all.</p>

<p>In middle school we had an award called the "All-Star Award" which was given to an outstanding student across all of the subjects, so it wasn't a problem in middle school as much as it is now. I'm especially concerned to see how this will affect college admissions as I know there's a space for awards. </p>

<p>Oh, there's another question. At your school the "Principal's Award" is given for GPA? We don't have one of those...</p>

<p>Edit: Although, seniors are awarded if they have maintained a 3.5 (I think UW) GPA. Of course, it's awarded in June, only after the final grades are out so it wouldn't go on college applications.</p>

<p>We had this in hig hschool. the sad thing is, people who BS on their essays about community service (but dont actually do it) get the awards because their service was SOO impressive. When people receive 'community awards' (be nice to each other!) only 1 or 2 out of the 10+ people really deserve it. Then the person who had the highest GPA and already got a 2400 SAT, 36 ACT (she's a genius...) didn't get our top junior/11thgrade scholar award because she was going to go to college in Asia our senior year, and the teachers decided she didn't need the award for a booster since she's already going to college. She was pretty annoyed at that, because she really wanted the award.</p>

<p>Interesting, that's another question I have... </p>

<p>Do other schools require students to submit essays to be considered for awards? At my school I think the teachers must confer (they certainly have enough time because they have these dreaded "professional development" meetings each week that they love to complain about!) about giving the "Top IB Student" award because from what I've seen of the last two years it's been well-deserved. </p>

<p>The community service award is usually given out to student tutors and usually be the teacher whose classroom they used so as far as I know they're fair.</p>

<p>That definitely sounds unfair about the girl who was going to school in Asia. We don't have a top junior award-- just one for the seniors, so ours doesn't give any pull in the admissions. Perhaps that might be slightly better so teachers aren't thinking too much about colleges rather about who actually deserves it?</p>

<p>^^^ No it wasn't give out for GPA. Principal gave it to 4 students who were "good". Those who received the award did deserve it. They were amazing. I could say there were a lot who deserved the award.</p>