Does your State matter?


Does it help or hurt your admission chances if you’re not from a New England state?

Per the Common Data Set, it’s considered. I can’t speak for BC, but typically schools with a national profile want geographic diversity - hence, they say in their case - last year’s class had 44 states represented.

31% are from New England.

So being from elsewhere will be a boost because they want to hit all 50 states - and probably have all 50 in their student body - given they have a national profile.

So yes it matters - but I would not make a decision to apply or not based on where you live. It will be of minor consideration but if there’s two spots left and it’s you and someone from Wyoming and you are identical otherwise, my assumption would be (but I’m not them) that the student from Wyoming would get the nod.

This should be of zero importance thought as to whether you are deciding to apply or not. You cannot control that. And a large portion of their class will always come from neaby. They have 61% that are defined as Mid-Atlantic and New England (they don’t have a NE classification).

Your GPA, Rank, Rigor, Test Score, ECs, Essays, etc. should determine whether you should apply - not your state of residence.

Good luck.


Depends on the state. It won’t help you being from NY or NJ. It will help you coming from a state that doesn’t draw a lot of BC applicants. Even in New England, it will vary from state to state. Obviously, lots of applicants from Connecticut and Mass, which makes it harder to get in from those states. It would probably help you if you are from Vermont or Maine.

Thank you! We’re in Ohio. Looks like class of 2024 had around 300 Ohio applicants and 100 accepted.

Sorry - I missed the “not” from New England. Yes, being from Ohio will help you - but again, that’s not a reason to apply. Just like if you were from Mass wouldn’t be a reason not to apply.

BC takes a lot of catholic school kids from around the country. Connections from the catholic high schools to BC faculty and administration. The kids at those schools know how to put together an application.

How did you find out that information? My daughter is applying ED and we are from North Carolina.

You should be able to find the info by state using this link.