Doing a high school exchange year in Denmark... good or bad idea if I want to go to these colleges?

Hi guys!
I really want to go to college somewhere in Europe… right now I really like University of Edinburgh (for computer science or software engineering).
I’m doing a high school exchange year in Denmark for this coming school year (my senior year). Because of this, I will not be taking any AP classes next year.
By the end of my high school career, I will have taken 2 AP classes (but 3 AP tests because I am taking the APUSH test even though I didn’t take the class).
I will also have 5 honors courses under my belt.
I expect that at the time I graduate, my GPA will be around 3.85-3.9
Like I said, I will also be going on on a high school exchange to Denmark, which I know looks good to American colleges (I’m not sure about European ones?).
I expect to have a pretty good SAT score (my PSAT score was a 1310 for reference).
What would you say my chances for getting into University of Edinburgh are?

Yes it will look good for both. In addition, if you get scores of 10 (for STEM ‘courses’ ie., majors) OR 12 (for Humanities and social science ‘courses’ ie., majors) the Danish courses would be added to your AP total.
Finally, you wouldn’t just wouldn’t apply to UEdinburgh – students typically select 5 universities on UCAS for one subject.
Congratulations on going to Denmark! Shows risk taking and maturity.

High school exchange year in Denmark? Great idea!