doing translations?

I’ve done a lot of translation (Russian to English): academic articles, one book. How much do you think this will help me?

<p>If you're majoring in Russian or English, it might be a good thing. And for some schools and some majors, being bi-lingual is a nice plus. I suspect you've grown up bi-lingual if you are good enough to translate. If your verbal scores on tests are also good, then this underscores your ability. If your scores aren't so good, then I would say it won't look any better than anybody else's part-time job.</p>

<p>I'm not majoring in either, but I am bilingual (still a Russian citizen, even). My SAT-V is an 800--I don't know how much that can be underscored, though. Hopefully it will have at least some effect.</p>

<p>I think it is great, as it shows a very high level of proficiency in two languages. If your main interests are in some other area, it will make your application even stronger.</p>