Doing two pre-grads - chances for elite grad?


<p>let me explain my situation. I am currently studying at a pre-graduate university program called "Computer Science and Mathematics" (3 years). Because the 1st year was a piece of cake for me, I've also enrolled to a university program called "Mathematical Finance" (3 years).</p>

<p>So far it's doing great, the programs are quite similar and at MF they recognize most of mathematical and programming classes. I enjoy current economics classes a lot!</p>

<p>My question for you is this: how much does the fact that I am enrolled in two pre-grads help me get into (and get scholarship for) an elite graduate school for mathematical finance/financial economics?</p>

<p>I live in EU. I'd prefer a university in Great Britain or USA. My average grade for the 1st year of CSM was 9.3/10. In addition to high-school and universities, I've also worked as a part-time programmer for the last 3 years (is this even relevant?).</p>

<p>I know it's practically impossible to say anything solid but if you have an idea, writing it would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Thank you for your answers.</p>

<p>Edit: I've just found out that the "What are my chances" subforum exists. Sorry about that.</p>