Done With Everything!!!!


<p>well-- except for U of Mich app-- but that's due in Feb. God I was going insane.</p>

<p>luccckkkkyyy! i still have 3 essays 2 short one long due jan 15th</p>

<p>What's the point of this thread?</p>

<p>actually mich has rolling decisions so get your app in immediately</p>

<p>Feels good, right? ;)</p>

<p>Yay, I'm finished with college stuff. But, schoolwork never ends. I have an exam tomorrow, three tests next week, and two projects with presentation :(</p>


<p>I'm so excited that I'm done as well...... I handed my last application component (some music CDs) on the Wednesday before break. Made it all the more enjoyable :)</p>

<p>My CC told me that the midyear grades are pretty important to college admissions, since it probably separates the hard workers from the slackers (aka victims of "senioritis"). In that sense, doing well on midterms is the last chance we get to make a good let's focus on those and then RELAX for the rest of the year! (well, not TOO much ;))</p>