Done with standardized testing!

<p>I am DONE with standardized testing. At least, until the GREs.</p>

<p>MAN, it feels good!</p>

<p>A Brief History of Time...</p>

<p>Math - 700
Verbal - 800
Math IIC - 760
US History - 800
Literature - 780
Writing - 800</p>

<p>I'm not retaking a damn thing, either.</p>

<p>lol good feeling isn't it? I finished in June. Never retook anything. It's great =)</p>

<p>Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes. No more tests till AP time!</p>

<p>my brief history</p>

<p>Math: 710
Verbal: 760
Math IIC - 760
US History - 750
Writing - 800
ACT - 33
AP Eng Lang - 4
AP US Hist - 5
AP Chem - 4</p>

<p>that is a mouthful! thank god it's over...for now</p>

<p>Ohh, damn..I FORGOT about APs!! Ahhh! I'm going to take Spanish, English lit, English lang, and Biology this killed my happy.</p>

<p>AP BC Calc - 5
AP US History - 5</p>

<p>err..someone changed the title of my thread..why?</p>

<p>High five! I'm done too, now (at least with those that affect college admissions- I've still got APs this year). It feels awesome. I'm so glad I didn't have to retake anything. In order:</p>

<p>Writing 790
World History 780
Math IIC 800
Math 800
Verbal 790
Chemistry 800
Physics 800</p>

<p>Now I just need to worry about writing solid essays so I don't come off as a well-testing but uninteresting prick.</p>

Math - 660
Verbal 710
Math- 660
Verbal - 750
Verbal -700
Writing - 680
Math ic- 690
World hist 760
Writing 770</p>


<p>feuler, well you definitely have the well-testing part down! </p>

<p>Forgot to post my scores:</p>

<p>Math- 780
Verbal- 800
Bio M- 800
Writing - 800
Math IIC- 800</p>

<p>And dot_commie, the mods probably changed ur title because it was too vague.</p>

Math IC-710
Math IIC-690 (not what I wanted but whatever)</p>

<p>I just need to worry about MCAT's in 4 years!!! I better start studying!!</p>

<p>what's wrong with being vague?</p>

<p>freaking overachievers
math - 800, verbal 760, math ii/c 800, physics 800, writing 770, chem 730</p>

<p>oh noes only three 800s!!!!</p>

<p>... haha?</p>

<p>dot_commie, were you here in the summer when the mods got all crazy about being specific in the titles and were deleting a lot of irrelevant threads?</p>

<p>No. I come here like twice a year. </p>

<p>That's just weird.</p>

<p>Yea they started deleting things that weren't related to college (even those in the cafe, which I thought weren't supposed to be related to college...) but I love this new board, and the mods haven't really been around that much, at least not so much as authority figures.</p>

<p>It's, like, an old CC reunion... like happier times when we could post what we wanted where we wanted. But, moving on...</p>

<p>I'm done as wellllllllllllllllllllllllll, with the exception of AP tests, but subject tests are fun so it's okay. YAYAYAY.</p>

<p>Math, 740
Verbal, 720
ACT, 33
Math IIC, 800
Writing, 800
Bio M, 770</p>

<p>I'm proud of my two 800s; they make me feel special. Even though they really don't. But yes.</p>

<p>Leave, Get Out, It's The End Of the Sat's For Me!</p>

<p>A less impressive, but yet satisfactory history:
Verbal - 640
Math - 630
Writing - 700
Math IC - 660
Verbal - 680
Math - 700</p>

<p>you did NOT just do a JoJo song for your SATs.. i dont know if i feel sorry for JoJo or the college board more. hahaha, but you did really well!</p>

<p>lol haha! I hate JoJo though...</p>

<p>V 800
M 720
Writing 800
World History 800
Literature 740
Math IIC 720 </p>

<p>Yes...finally retakes, nothing...</p>

<p>In celebration mode! YAHOO!!!!!! Red Sox and a good score...can't beat that!</p>