Don't forget, incoming Frosh Engineers Follow New Program

<p>While some are making possible schedules for Bama Bound....</p>

<p>Some may not know that incoming freshmen will not be taking GES 131, 132, or DR 100. </p>

<p>Instead, they will be following...</p>

<p>The College of Engineering has revised its freshman engineering program. These changes are effective Fall 2010. The revised program contains five common hours that are taken by all first-year students in the College of Engineering. These five hours are:</p>

<p> ENGR 111 : Engineering the Future</p>

<p> A discipline-specific 121 course : Introduction to the discipline</p>

<p> ENGR 131 : Engineering Concepts and Design I</p>

<p> ENGR 141 : Engineering Concepts and Design II (second semester)</p>

<p> ENGR 151 : Fundamental Engineering Graphics</p>

<p>In addition, students in Mechanical Engineering will complete ENGR 161 (Small-Scale Engineering Graphics) and students in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering will complete ENGR 171 (Large-Scale Engineering Graphics) as part of their degree requirements.</p>

<p>The discipline-specific introductory course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of a specific field within engineering. All departments provide a 1-hour introductory course. Some departments have a second 1-hour course that provides additional information regarding that specific discipline.</p>


<p>When will these new ENGR classes be offered? ENGR 111, ENGR 131, ENGR 151, and all the discipline-specific introductory courses will be offered starting in Fall 2010. ENGR 141, ENGR 161 and ENGR 171 will be offered starting in Spring 2011.</p>

<p>What is the new ENGR 111 course? This course provides students with insights regarding the problems and tasks that engineers will confront in future years. Providing an overview to the engineering profession, it focuses on the challenges facing society (environmental, energy, medical, computational, etc.) and the role that engineering will play in addressing these challenges.</p>

<p>What are the new ENGR 131 and 141 courses? ENGR 131 and 141 focus on ensuring that all students entering their sophomore year of engineering studies have the basic skills necessary to successfully complete these foundational courses. Both courses are structured as a once-a-week three-hour laboratory experience, providing plenty of time for hands-on activities.</p>

<p>What is the new ENGR 151 course? ENGR 151 uses pencil-and-paper techniques to understand the basics of graphical communication. It consists of a series of online modules (lectures) plus a weekly recitation section where students apply the principles covered in the online modules.</p>

<p>which of these are to be taken in the first semester?</p>

<p>111 121 131 and 151?</p>

<p>how many hours each?</p>

<p>it would be nice if the online flowcharts etc were updated.</p>

<p>are these classes difficult, or not so much?</p>

<p>i think DD's first semester will include the required engr. courses plus chem, calc and one other yet-to-be-named class. not sure what that should be yet.</p>

<p>M2CK: An interesting question for students who are in CBH. Will CBH 102 still cover for Eng 141?</p>


<p>I would imagine so....but to be sure, I would ask...</p>

<p>David Cordes, PhD
<a href=""></a>
Director, Freshman Engineering Program

<p>I would also send him an email and ask when the flow charts will be updated online in each program Right now, the old schematics are still up which the rising sophs are using.</p>

<p>I doubt these freshman classes are that difficult. They are mostly (if not all) one credit courses. Aren't they showing on mybama?</p>

<p>111 121 131 and 151(drawing)?</p>

<p>I believe all are taken first semester and are 1 credit each. although the drawing one might possibly be taken second semester...ask.</p>

<p>i have looked at them before ... but not today.</p>

<p>will have to check.</p>

<p>they could all be 1 credit because when you originally talked about it i think you said 5 common hours for freshman engineers (except the one that is specific to each type of engineering).</p>

<p>After speaking with the EE department I was told they are all 1 hr courses except for the EE specific class which will be EE125 which is a 2 hr class.</p>

<p>Research</a> Magazine – The University of Alabama Medical Marvels</p>

<p>this article talks about bioengineering ... which i thought UA didn't offer.</p>

<p>what path would one take at UA to end up doing things like this?</p>

<p>Dr. Jackson sent me the new flowcharts for EE and CEO. If you call the department I'm sure you'll get the same quick response I did. If anyone needs either of these I'll be glad to forward them just drop me your e-mail. Sorry I got them via e-mail attachment so I don't have a link.</p>

<p>Thanks for the post. Printed it up to use for next week.</p>

<p>Bama doesn't offer a BS in Bio-engineering because that is UAB's area. </p>

<p>Bio-Robotics may be a grad program at UA.</p>

<p>The article does say the ChemE, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineers are involved with this, too.</p>

<p>From chemical to electrical to mechanical engineering, faculty and students are working not only in campus labs, but alongside patients, to better solve their biological system challenges.</p>